Seared Scallops à la Amiral Neipa

Pan-seared scallops, NEIPA beurre blanc, carrot purée, citrus fruits, asparagus, puffed rice.


6x U-10 Scallops (3x/pers for a starter, 5 to 6 for a main course/pers)
Q.S butter
200g butter
Q.S Canola oil
1x grapefruit
1x orange
Q.S White rice
A bunch of asparagus
A packet of carrots
Q.S caviar de mujoll (or other fish egg)
French shallot
150ml NEIPA Admiral Beer
Q.S salt/pepper

- Peel and chop the carrots and cook in a pot of water until melted. Then process in a food processor to make a purée. Butter and salt the purée well. Set aside

- In a hot frying pan, dry the white rice and stir until the rice swells completely. Set aside.

- Cut grapefruit and orange into supremes (flesh only). Set aside

- Cut asparagus to keep only the heads. Blanch asparagus heads in boiling salted water. Place in iced water at the end to stop cooking and fix the chlorophyll. Fry in butter briefly before serving. Set aside

- For the scallops, remove the muscle that holds them to the shell. Then pat the scallops dry. This is very important to ensure a beautiful color. Season scallops with salt and pepper. In a hot skillet with plenty of canola oil and butter, place the scallops and pan-fry until nicely colored. (2-3min) Turn the scallops aside and continue cooking for 1min maximum. Set aside.

- Chop the shallot and cut 200g of cold butter into small cubes. In a saucepan, sweat the shallot in a little butter. Deglaze with NEIPA beer. Reduce by 3/4. Remove from heat and add the butter a little at a time, whisking constantly until the butter emulsifies (thickens). Serve immediately.

- Arrange the scallops in a triangle on a plate, with a spoonful of carrot purée between each scallop. Arrange the asparagus heads and citrus fruit segments. Place fleur de sel on each scallop and a teaspoon of fish egg on top. Sprinkle puffed rice all over and finish by pouring beurre blanc over the center of the scallops.


Prepared by none other than @marcochefadomicile @marcantoine.moreau